O.L.V. Research Unit Aalst
OLV plein 4
9300 Aalst
Tel: 0496/251.250
Fax: 053/72.45.05


  The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care founded the OLV Research Unit in 2000.
The OLV Research Unit is situated in the hospital environment of the OLV Aalst Hospital, Belgium ( )

The OLV Research Unit has the opportunity to use the excellent hospital facilities (operating theaters, cath-lab, laboratory, pharmacy, archiving facilities, all experienced in performing clinical trials) and hence the innovative new medical technologies (such as PET-CT-scan, Hyper Baric Oxygen facility, MRI...)

Our senior management has built up its experience in the pharmaceutical-, device industry and auditing world.

Mission Statement
  The OLV Research Unit, is an international orientated "center of excellence" in clinical research, located in the OLV Hospital (founded 1904) of Aalst, Belgium, Europe.
The OLV Research Center is independent of the pharmaceutical industry and the CRO world. It provides expertise in a broad spectrum of therapeutic indications. State of the art technology and clinical experience ensures the highest possible standards.

A multidisciplinary review board guarantees the objectivity and scientific interest of each proposed protocol.

"Safety first" principles and deontological considerations are the backbone of the Unit.

As part of a leading hospital in the academic world the knowledge of clinical research is mandatory for its teaching opportunities. Feedback, given to the industry and scientific programs, needs to be based on the clinical expertise and "evidence based medicine".

Ethical approach, intellectual freedom, critical analysis and independence, are the benchmarks of the OLV Research Unit.

International contacts, independent from any cultural, religious, ethnological origin are compulsively in the scope of the OLV Research Unit.

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